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Disability Issues

Americans are all about work. As rugged individuals, we earn our own way through life and work toward a happy retirement at the end. However, it doesn’t turn out that way for some workers. People get hurt, or get sick, and they simply cannot continue working. That’s why we have Social Security laws to cover disability issues. Workers who have paid FICA (Social Security) taxes, and have been certified by their doctor as unable to work may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

At the Cindy A. Garcia Law Firm, we work with clients all over South Texas. We strive to make life more dignified and comfortable for our clients, many of whom are anxiously awaiting their SSD benefits.

We have clients who trust us because they know that unlike other law firms, we work tirelessly from the start, whether it’s filing initial paperwork, or filling out confusing social security disability forms. Contact us if you have been denied SSD benefits, or if you have already qualified for SSD and must prove that your disability still exists.

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