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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is unjustly fired by his or her employer. Also referred to as “wrongful dismissal,” or “wrongful discharge,” it involves the firing of an employee without just cause. In many cases, people who have been fired from their jobs feel the dismissal was without just cause, but wrongful termination specifically refers to dismissals for a narrow set of reasons. In general, it involves some type of discrimination, which violates the employees’ civil rights.

Most Texas workers are employed “at will,” which means they do not have a formalized, legal employment contract with their employer. In many cases they can be fired at any time, but even “at will” employees have certain rights against a wrongful termination and cannot be fired for reasons that violate public policy, or the law.

The attorneys at the Cindy A. Garcia Law Firm have won significant verdicts and/or settlements in many cases. We are committed to fighting for your worker rights and ensuring that you are fairly treated and compensated.

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